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Our nursery is an open, exciting and engaging space full of opportunities for your child to grow, develop and explore. From our enormous, light-filled rooms to our magical outdoor garden, it is the perfect environment for children to learn through play, engage in respectful co-operation and revel in the wonders of childhood. Our philosophy is a little different to other nurseries; rather than adhering to a strict structural regime, we believe that our young minds should be able to make their own choices and follow their own hearts. That is why we offer the children the freedom to enter different rooms, engage with different equipment and play with children of different ages – all supported by a comprehensive educational framework designed by pre-school professionals.

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Our philosophy for your child’s learning

At Manor House Nursery, we have a unique philosophy when it comes to children’s education. We believe that the ability to make decisions, explore and be inquisitive are the fundamental bedrock to growing up to be independent and confident. Rather than operating a rigid structure, we encourage our little ones to communicate across age groups, to explore for themselves, and to enjoy different stimulating environments. At its core, our philosophy is based on the fact that children should…

  • Have the opportunity to learn through creative, educational and collaborative play; both of their own volition and under the leadership of nursery workers
  • Live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, from healthy eating habits to respecting the environment around us
  • Be provided with plenty of space with the freedom to explore, make autonomous choices and express themselves
  • Be allowed to grow and develop in an organic, dynamic, varied and stimulating environment
  • Be encouraged to go outside and explore natural surroundings every day, from planting vegetables to climbing trees
  • Feel at home within a community of children of varying ages, supported by the security of one continuous keyperson
  • Allow their innate sense of curiosity for the world to flourish; to learn, develop, grow and blossom in a nurturing, educational and caring environment

Our unique approach to children’s education

Manor House Nursery operates quite unlike most other nurseries. When your child starts with us they will be cared for in our comforting baby and toddler units, where they will enjoy support, affection and the freedom to choose where and how they want to play. They will form bonds with children of a variety of ages in their “family groups”, a system designed to foster responsibility in the older children while offering stimulation and excitement for those younger. Soon they will begin to emerge as confident, independent little people with decisive minds of their own; supported, encouraged and guided by our caring nursery workers. Having a free run of the house encourages the children to make choices, to engage with their interests, and to explore the world around them in a liberated and unrestricted manner. Meanwhile, being part of a family group unit encourages responsible and respectful communication, as well as improved social skills and a collaborative, selfless spirit.

Our Environment
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