A charming environment with innovative pre-school nursery practices

Manor House Nursery is a day nursery unlike any other. We encourage our children to explore freely, to indulge in their curiosity and to develop without restriction in an enriching, nurturing environment. Under 2s start their journey upstairs, with free run of the whole floor – so they can choose which rooms to explore, which resources to engage with and which atmosphere best suits their needs that particular day. Over 2s, meanwhile, are based downstairs and likewise have unrestricted access to all rooms filled with stimulating, fun and educational facilities.

Explore the exciting rooms at Manor House day nursery

Little Blossoms

A stimulating room dedicated to construction play, role playing and experience of the world. Children are able to engage with a huge variety of objects and activities, piquing their natural curiosity and encouraging imaginative play in a safe setting for both individuals and groups.


This comforting, homely space was specially designed for little ones to take a breather and form firm attachments within their family group. It is calm and comfortable with soft furnishings and a peaceful, soothing atmosphere. Small babies will spend a lot of time here until they feel confident in their family group, while toddlers can also use it as a retreat when they need some “downtime”.

The Robins Nest

A room filled with love and wonder, used for messy play and creative arts as well as group mealtimes. Eating in groups is a social and immensely beneficial activity for young children, fostering a sense of belonging and nurture among our little ones – as well as encouraging respect and communication. Thanks to our family groups system, we can facilitate home routines in this engaging setting for a more personal and intimate care routine.

The Secret Garden

This magical indoor “garden” takes inspiration from the natural wonders of the great outdoors. Carpeted with AstroTurf, this creatively decorated space allows the children to engage with trees, plants, animals and a whole host of other sensory and stimulating objects with an enchanting nature theme

The Carousel

The Carousel is an area specially designed for the older age groups here at Manor House Nursery. It is still based around family groups, with consistent keypersons and no transitions – but at the Carousel, our specialist pre-school team offer stimulating activities to stretch children’s skills and imagination, expertly balanced with a structured learning routine. Everything our skilled carers deliver in this enriching environment is geared towards getting your child “school-ready”, from thought-provoking educational sessions to learning to use the toilet facilities independently.

Education POD

Designed for children of pre-school age, the Education POD is an innovative and wonder-filled space where children can build their learning skills through engaging play. Unlike traditional pre-school spaces, this area pivots on fun, imaginative and creative play designed to stimulate, inform and educate our older children. Our POD is run by a level 5 minimum educationalist, with expert skills and knowledge of the latest practices in pre-school learning.

children playing in outside play area at day care centre

A huge, magical pre-school garden in Westbury on Trym, Bristol

True to its name, our pre-school nursery is an enormous manor house equipped with huge windows, spacious rooms and an abundance of garden space at the rear of the building. Outdoor play is one of the most vital cornerstones for our approach to childhood education. We believe that giving children the freedom to explore the outdoors allows them to foster a sense of respect for the environment, to run around freely and to develop in a healthy, uninhibited manner. The children at Manor House Nursery are encouraged to use the garden every single day, from planting vegetables and playing games to simply enjoying the fresh air and exploring the natural surroundings.

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