A unique approach to children’s learning in Westbury on Trym

At Manor House Nursery, we believe that our children’s learning experience should be both enriching and exciting, ensconced within a core framework of co-operation, communication and respect. It is for that reason that we have adopted the innovative family groups system at our day care nursery in Bristol. This unique approach ensures that our children are not separated out into different rooms based on their age, which in turn gives the children the opportunity to develop strong and lasting relationships with their young peers. Rather, children of a variety of ages are grouped into key “families” with which they will spend the entirety of their time at Manor House.

How does it work?

When children start at Manor House Nursery, they are placed into a family group of up to 12 children of mixed ages. They stay in that group throughout their time in the nursery, with just one transition: the move from the Under 2s area upstairs, to the Over 2s area downstairs. This allows children to develop stable and secure relationships with their keypersons and fellow family group members based on continuity, security and consistency. We see it as a more organic and collaborative approach to children’s learning, closely mirroring that of a natural family structure.

young child holding spinning world globe

The benefits of family groups

Research has shown that working in family groups is immensely beneficial for young children. In this safe, stimulating and loving environment, children experience an authentic taste of everyday life as it would be in any family home, with a whole host of advantages:

  • The varied ages allow children a richer experience. Younger children are stimulated and motivated by older ones, while the older ones learn empathy and maturity by interaction with the little ones.
  • Children do not experience the disruption of being constantly moved from one room to another as they get older. Instead they experience consistency and security, allowing for development that is uninhibited by the constant need to readjust to new environments.
  • Children keep the same keyworker throughout their time at the nursery, rather than having to get used to a new person every few months when they change rooms. This allows them to form a trusting and continuous bond free from anxiety.

A forward-thinking day care nursery

Children learn best when they have the opportunity to explore and develop free from restriction. Our nursery is housed in a huge, traditional Victorian building with sunny, well-proportioned rooms and an enormous garden at the back. We encourage our children to move freely from room to room, selecting the environment that piques their interest or best suits their mood that particular day. From a quiet moment of indoor down-time to a high-energy outdoor pirate adventure, ours is an engaging and enriching space designed to bring out the best in every individual child.

Our Environment
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