Room to grow with the freedom to learn: childhood education at Manor House

At Manor House Nursery, we have an innovative and forward-thinking approach to childhood education. Our education philosophy centres around encouraging and cultivating children’s natural curiosity, offering the opportunity to explore stimulating outdoor spaces and engage with a whole variety of resources and equipment in different settings. Under the guidance of our highly qualified teachers, children let their creative energy run wild while remaining secure in a framework of responsibility, community, praise and recognition.

discovery room in day care

Space to learn, grow and explore in Westbury on Trym

Children thrive when they have room to explore the world around them. Room to run around, to express themselves, to take themselves off for a quiet sit-down and to engage with confidence and zeal in group activities. At Manor House Nursery, we pride ourselves on the bright spaciousness of our nursery, the diversity of our environments and the sense of liberation this gives the children. Each room is divided into zones filled with a variety of resources and equipment, so the children can make their own choice as to what they want to do – rewarding their curiosity, and encouraging them to explore their interests. Meanwhile, our enormous garden is the perfect place to cultivate our passion for outdoor learning. Children have the chance to go outside every day; from planting, growing and picking their own food in our vegetable garden, to climbing trees and letting their imagination go wild in creative outdoor play. As well as encouraging healthy living in a fun and relaxed environment, it instils a sense of respect for the planet around us – working towards a new generation of responsible, environmentally-aware individuals.

Our Philosopy

Professionals in early years education

At Manor House Nursery, we take a great deal of pride in the quality of our early years education. Our professional teachers are all qualified and highly experienced in childhood education, providing a stimulating, caring and safe environment for the children to learn and develop. There is a qualified teacher in the building at all times. We aim to give you the peace of mind at all times that your child is growing up in a well-managed, safe and high-performing nursery.

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